[The Pulse] Item Processing Disaster Recovery Test Report Now Available

Item Processing Disaster Recovery Test: Report Now Available

For those credit unions who currently use CU*Answers for Electronic Check Processing (ECP), this report is for you. During the week of August 13, 2018, teams at CU*Answers completed the annual test by restoring the CheckLogic environment and performing daily check processing operations from systems at our secondary data center. This exercise is an important part of our strategy by testing our capability to perform and provide critical Item Processing services should a disruption occur at our primary production data center.

Click the link below to download a copy of the gap analysis report for this test and other previous recovery tests. Be sure to share the report with your board and with your auditors and examiners.

View Item Processing Recovery Report

View additional HA Rollover, and other recovery reports

This recovery test is part of a larger business continuity program at CU*Answers with the goal of ensuring the availability of CU*BASE core-processing when the unexpected happens. Our investment in redundant systems at geographically dispersed data centers with real-time data replication is our commitment to that goal.

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Those same resources that develop and manage the Business Continuity Program at CU*Answers are available to your credit union to assist in developing and testing your recovery plan and in preparing for your next IT audit and examination.

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