Boot Camp Attendees Get an Early Look at SnapShot Data

The Asterisk Intelligence Team is working with attendees of our most recent Boot Camp on the testing of a new data set in CU*BASE!

The CU*Answers 2018 Data Boot Camp group was authorized to be the first, exclusive client users of SnapShot, a data set that is a full copy of the processing data in CU*BASE as of prior end-of-day processing.  As boot camp participants use the data over these next few months, they will be providing the Asterisk Intelligence team with feedback and explore it as resource for various data mining projects.

SnapShot is another time slice of CU*BASE – just like end-of-month copies of key data tables are currently stored in CU*BASE, now we will keep a rolling copy of end-of-day available as well.  Behind the scenes, we us it to expand our current and future data transfer businesses.  How?  SnapShot enables a quadrupled processing window, a standardized point of data capture, and it’s 100% comprehensive – literally every single piece of data is copied and stored in SnapShot.

If you’re a data analyst or database manager, you’ll be able to get access to SnapShot data opened up for your credit union in early May.

Watch for more emails coming soon with details!