A Note From the Help Desk: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709


What Is Happening?

Network Services will be approving the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 and it will be deployed to all PCS that are online and logged off.  If users don’t log off or don’t leave their PCs on, it will apply on the next login.

We will be opening Latitude tickets stating when we will be deploying the update to your network.

Why Are We Doing This?

This update is a requirement to continue to receive support and updates/patches from Microsoft.

What Do I Need To Do?

Users should ensure their PC is turned on but logged off when leaving for the day the evening of your deployment.  The update should not impact your user experience.

THIS IS A VERY LARGE UPDATE.  If your PC is turned off, the update will begin once your machine is powered on – this background update process may degrade performance.  Once the background processes are complete, you will be prompted to restart your machine.  Completing the installation may take in excess of 30 minutes.

If the update is in the process of installing when you arrive, DO NOT REBOOT OR MANUALLY POWER YOUR MACHINE OFF as it may cause data corruption.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk at extension 266, or by email.