Don’t Forget: Phase Three of Same-Day ACH Processing is Coming Soon!

On March 16, 2018, the third (and final) phase of the NACHA Same-Day ACH rules will go into effect.  See this recipe in the Kitchen (

Phase 3 of Same-Day ACH requires that the same-day credits must be posted by 5:00 PM your time.  The final same-day item FRB file must be available to us by 4:00 PM ET, so we will receive and post at 4:00 PM ET to ensure same-day items are posted properly.

Instead of advancing the evening posting to 4:00 PM, the evening posting time will remain at 7:00 PM ET and the afternoon posting will be moved back to 4:00 PM ET.

Based on your input, we are going to move to the following schedule for the final phase of Same-Day ACH processing:

  • “In the Morning Run”: will remain unchanged (by 7:00 AM ET).
  • “In the Mid-Day Run”: will be moved to 4:00 PM ET (to be posted by 5:00 PM ET).
  • “In the Evening Run”: will remain unaffected (by 8:00 PM ET).


If your credit union does not currently post credits in the “In the Mid-Day Run” ACH posting, you will need to change that posting to either ‘Post Credits Only’, or ‘Post Both Credits and Debits.’

Remember that, per Phase 2, you will still need to post Debits in either the “In the Mid-Day Run” or the “In the Evening Run” postings.

To confirm your ACH posting configurations, log into CU*BASE GOLD and select Tool #113 – ACH Posting Controls Config, then make sure that the selection for “In the Mid-Day Run” is set to ‘Post Credits Only’ or ‘Post Both Credits and Debits’ to ensure that all same-day credit items post by 5:00 PM.

The morning and evening posting times will remain unchanged.  Returns will also remain unchanged.  All times given are in ET (Eastern Time) and, as always, will follow Daylight Saving Time changes.


If you have any questions, please contact the CSR Team via phone at 616-285-5711 ext. 255, or Ask the AnswerBook.