Are Your Custom Queries Ready for 18.03?

If you work with custom queries, it is important to spend a little extra time reviewing the Database Changes documentation published with each release summary.  With each CU*BASE release, a small number of custom queries could be impacted for each credit union.  Now is the time to perform a check-up to identify if any of your favorites or most regular and reliable might be impacted.

The Asterisk Intelligence team would like to recommend focusing on a few of the more likely trouble spots:

  • Custom queries that you have automated via Tool 758, Report Automation – Custom Rpts/Files
  • Custom queries that use data from a table that is getting something moved or removed.

Even if your custom query is one that you originally purchased from CU*Answers, it’s yours to update and maintain.  For example, in 18.03, the popular PCMBRCFG is getting a few things moved out of it.  If your custom query is filtering on any of the re-located data, a new table (we made a database view table for this!) would need to be swapped out.  This time around, there are just 7 tables getting modified with 16 of their columns changing or moving.  For the full list, check the release summary document.

Taking a quick look at these potential trouble spots we listed above is an easy process.  We give instructions right inside that Database Changes documentation, so take a look and review for any action items with your own custom queries!

Review the 18.03 Database Changes