Continuity Awareness Day

Celebrating a Continuity Awareness Day or something similar is increasing in popularity. Do you do something like that at your credit union? The purpose of the Continuity Awareness Day is to raise awareness of the operational risk a company faces each day to build, deliver, and support superior products and services. The day acts as a reminder of just how quickly conditions can change and that an effective response requires teamwork, training, and a state of readiness to return back to business as usual. It is an integral part of building a culture of continuity and organizational resilience. Having events like Continuity Awareness Day keep it fresh in employee’s minds the important role he/she plays to the credit union both during normal operations and more importantly during a crisis.

Do your employees know their responsibilities during a business interruption or full on disaster? It takes minimal effort to mark the calendar one day a year to make a conscious effort to recognize the importance of Business Continuity for your credit union. Awareness Day is a good time to train and educate staff on procedures and policies in place regarding all things Business Continuity. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, start small and build on it each year. It could be as simple as talking about it during a lunch and learn or giving staff a take away item (shirt, battery pack, waterproof bag for electronics, etc.), something for them to remember the day and ultimately remind them about the important role he/she plays in the Business Continuity of your credit union. After all, it is people that make things happen, not plans. It is wonderful to have a Business Continuity Plan, but people are needed to put those plans into action. Each and every staff member has an important part to play in recovery efforts and in turn in building and maintaining organizational resilience. So, take a day to stress that fact to staff and recognize and celebrate Business Continuity.

Danielle Caliendo MPA, CBCP
Business Continuity Coordinator, CU*Answers