Building Trades Federal Credit Union becomes newest CU*Answers owner

Building Trades Federal Credit Union, located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, has become the newest owner of West Michigan-based cooperative CUSO, CU*Answers. The $140 million credit union represents approximately 17,000 members, and becomes the 127th current CU*Answers credit union owner.

Scott Collins, CU*Answers EVP of Sales said: “Congratulations to Building Trades Federal Credit Union, the second new owner of the 2018 fiscal year! There continues to be a strong desire within credit unions to engage with other peers in the collaborative processes offered within a true cooperative business model, such as CU*Answers. They want to exercise their equal voting privilege and direct input for helping set the future leadership and development direction of their technology partner. For most, this represents a unique and uncommon opportunity to actively participate.”

Affinity CU (Des Moines, IA) became the 126th owner in October 2017; the CUSO’s first for the fiscal year.