Introducing Cooperative Campaigns – a new member-facing marketing product!

Introducing a Brand New Member-Facing Marketing Product!

The CU*Answers Marketing Team has prepared a unique campaign for each month of 2018.  You can buy a few or buy them all.  Each campaign is designed around a product or service your credit union may offer, such as auto loans, home loans, refer a friend programs, downloading your mobile app, Facebook, etc.

  • Buy a single campaign
  • Buy the whole year for a discount
  • Market on all channels

The CU*Answers Marketing Team has created materials for each campaign across as many channels as possible including your Mobile App, OBC Page, Website Homepage, Facebook page, and MAP/MOP site.

So how does it work?

Simply visit This link will take you to CU*Answers store and allow you to browse through the campaigns.  You can add a single campaign, a few, or all campaigns to your cart for purchase.  The checkout process is fast and simple – once you’ve checked out, you will be sent a receipt with a link to access the files for each campaign you purchased.

When do I need to order?

The deadline to order the January campaign is December 15, and each subsequent campaign is 15 days prior to beginning of the month.  We will send monthly reminder emails to announce the upcoming campaign and deadlines.

What does it cost?

Campaigns are $250 each, however the entire year is available for $2,500, a savings of $500!

Want more info?

Download the more comprehensive brochure for Cooperative Campaigns here:


Have Questions?

Email or give us a call at 800-327-3478