CU*Answers Quick Tip: National Shared Branching Configuration

Want More National (Co-Op) Shared Branching Control?  You’ve Already Got It!

Last year, the 16.10 CU*BASE release introduced new features that allow for more control over your member’s National (Co-Op) Shared Branching activity, including deposit/withdrawal limits, and a new member activation waiting period!

  • Want to limit potential high dollar fraud? Simply choose the amount and number of transactions members are allowed daily via shared branching.
  • Want to vet new members before allowing them to use shared branching locations? CU*BASE can do that! You can block new members from using shared branching anywhere from 1-99 days.

Check out the Online Help explanation of these features for further details, and contact a representative today to tailor your configuration just for you.


Xtend Shared Branching Participants:

Although these restrictions aren’t applied automatically for Xtend Shared Branching users, you are still able to control a member’s access to shared branching services by manually setting the “Allow Shared Branch Transactions” flag in Tool #20 Update Membership Information.