Last Notice: e-Loan Data Purges are Coming

On Friday, March 31, the CU*Answers Imaging Solutions team will begin purging e-Loans data from your CU*Spy Vault.  As you may know, information is available to view online for six years – this purge will include any loan information dated March 31, 2011 and older.  Once purged, this data will be permanently deleted and cannot be re-created.

This is the last notice before the e-Loan purge.  All future purges will purge on a quarterly basis without notice.

If your credit union selected to retain the information on CD/DVDs, the media should already be in your possession.  If you’re not getting your e-Loans CD/DVDs today or want to double check to make sure you are getting these records please contact William Alsover on the CU*Archives team at 800.327.3478 x551 or