Handy Resources for the 17.03 Release

As you may have heard, the 17.03 Release is coming your way next week! All of us here are excited for the New Navigation here, and hope you are too. As a reminder, we have gathered these resources for you to help ease the transition:

The “What’s New” Help Page and Training Center

Review release information, what changed, FAQs, recommendations on what to do to get started on the first day, tips and tricks tailored for your learning style, and much more. This is a definite must-see for your first day on the new navigation. Visit the What’s New Help Page and Training Center today and get started!

Show Me the Steps Topics and Tutorial Videos

Your one stop shop for “How Do I…”, the Show Me the Steps Topics and Tutorials resources page has been updated with tons of new content for the 17.03 Release! Learn how to set up your favorites, search for tools, use filters, and get acquainted with the new features in these easy to follow videos and step by step instructions. Visit the Show Me the Steps Resource Page!

Easy Launch to “What’s New” from the Home Page

If you’re in CU*BASE and don’t have these links handy, no worries! From the CU*BASE Home Page, select the image on the right side labeled “Navigating the Home Page” and you’ll be taken straight to the Help Page and Training Center!