ACTION REQUIRED: Deadline Approaching for SSL Certificate Replacement on PROD

SSL Certificate Replacement on PROD

DON’T FORGET!  In order to ensure continued GOLD access, you must take the following action before Sunday, April 9! Failure to complete this task may result in not being able to sign in to print sessions!

The security certificate that verifies will expire on April 23, but we are replacing it early on Sunday, April 9.  This certificate ensures secure encrypted connections for CU*BASE GOLD and printer sessions between your credit union and CU*Answers.  As part of maintaining network security, this certificate is replaced every 3 years. As the new certificate uses enhanced encryption technology, CU*Answers  provided a compatibility update for all client PCs as part of the CU*BASE 17.03 release on March 19.


What You Need To Do:

If you haven’t yet shut down IBM Client Access and launched GOLD twice since you received the 17.03 release, please do so before Sunday, April 9, or simply reboot your PC, then relaunch CU*BASE GOLD and IBM Client Access.

Optional step for IT staff – to verify the workstation has received the update:

  1. Open My computer
  2. Navigate to c:\users\public\documents\ibm\client access\
  3. Verify the current file size of “cwbssldf.kdb”
  4. If this file size is 30kb then everything worked correctly and you don’t have to do anything else.  If the file size is different, please refer to KB article for manual process.


Email the Help Desk