Kansas City Credit Union Utilizes CU*BASE® to Reward Members

In late December, Kansas City Credit union, a credit union that converted to the CU*BASE system in 2016, rewarded their members through the use of a patronage dividend. After converting to CU*Answers’ core platform, the credit union was immediately excited about reviewing what opportunities they had to reward their membership for their participation. CU*Answers’ Earnings Edge team assisted the credit union team with analyzing what patronage dividend options made the most sense for their membership, and assisted with the configurations.

Eric Jones, CEO of Kansas City Credit Union, said: “The Earnings Edge team helped us to identify which options were available to reward our members for the 2016 year, and the patronage dividend program was the best fit for us. We are thankful for the expertise and passion of the Earnings Edge team and look forward to working with them again in the future.”