Supported Media Types


The following guidelines pertain to the media types which can be received and processed or created by CU*Answers when converting new credit union clients to CU*BASE, and for other purposes when sending or receiving data on a physical media is required.


These guidelines are published to avoid delays in processing that would result from an incompatible file media type being sent to CU*Answers.


NOTE: Any data containing potentially sensitive information (name/address information, social security number, etc) must be encrypted when saved on physical media.

The following media types are supported by CU*Answers:

  • Ultrium 4 – 800GB capacity
  • Ultrium 5 – 1.5TB capacity
  • Ultrium 6 – 2.5TB capacity
  • CD-ROM
  • Email, FTP, SFTP if encrypted with PGP or GPG

If none of these options are available from the vendor or the CU in-house system, the Conversion Coordinator or Project Lead Programmer will work with the Conversion Programming Team to determine a method for compatible data exchange or an alternative solution.

October 8, 2014

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