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ATTENTION CU*ANSWERS NETWORK SERVICES COMPLETE CARE CLIENTS: Find out what’s happening this month with CU*Answers Network Services!

Data Fall Cleanup!

Are you managing your data or is it managing you? We highly encourage users to be aware of what they are storing on servers and in email and to clean up old and stale data as much as possible. The more data that is backed up, the more you are charged each month, and the faster you may be pushed towards an unplanned reinvestment in your backup solution, such as faster Internet speeds or larger hard drives. We can also provide more information on how much data you currently have backed up and ways to reduce that. Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions.

What You Need to Know

It has come to our attention that Alloya Corp is requiring credit unions to download a browser security program called Trusteer Endpoint Protection. We have found that this program causes a noticeable delay in opening email attachments. It also has the potential to disable our remote monitoring and management agents depending on the website that the user is visiting. Alloya has engaged Trusteer for a possible solution, but in the meantime, you can disable this feature by clicking below and following the instructions.

Disable Trusteer Endpoint Protection

If you need any assistance disabling this feature, are having any other issues with the software or have any questions/concerns on the matter, please contact the Help Desk.

OTB Data in CU*BASE Dashboards


Would you like us to include data from your off-trial-balance loans in CU*BASE analytical tools?

We’re exploring the possibility of adding to CU*BASE dashboards and other analytical tools off-trial-balance data from your credit cards, mortgages, business loans, student loans, and other types of loans. Click below to learn more and provide your feedback.

Learn More

International Credit Union Day 10/16

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Don’t Forget to Celebrate International Credit Union Day on October 16! This year’s theme, “Local Service. Global Good.,” emphasizes the positive impact credit unions have made on their communities and around the world.
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Cost of Compliance Contest

ATTENTION CREDIT UNION CEOs AND CFOs: Got a Great Idea for Calculating the Cost of Compliance?

Submit it to Jim Vilker by October 15 for a chance to win $2500!

Contest Overview

For the AuditLink Cost of Compliance contest, which is open to all CEOs and CFOs, you’ll need to create a template that provides a standard way of calculating the cost of compliance. Your template should address these questions:

  1. What are the costs associated with compliance?
  2. How can you track these costs?
  3. What is your implementation plan for this standard?

To Enter the Contest

Email Jim Vilker, AuditLink VP of Professional Services.

Learn More

The Season Is Here for FEP!

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: FEP is arriving October 5, along with the 14.1 and 14.2 releases!

Get Ready for 14.1 and 14.2

Step 1: Review Release Materials

Get Ready for FEP

Step 1: Get Your Teams Ready

Step 2: Get Your Queries Ready

The most visible impact FEP will have at your credit union will be the adjustments you’ll need to make to some of your custom Queries. Although the changes cannot be made until after the FEP release, you can start preparing for these adjustments now to make your life a lot easier after FEP arrives.

Step 3: Get Your Vendors Ready

Note to self-processing credit unions: The CU*Answers Programming team will contact you regarding the timing for doing both the FEP and 14.1 and 14.2 releases for your credit union.

Learn More

HA Rollover Scheduled for 9/21

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Another HA rollover is scheduled for Sunday, September 21!

During this event, we will roll over production of our core processing system to our high-availability (HA) data center in Muskegon, MI. We recommend that as a proactive step, you test connectivity to the Muskegon data center prior to this event. Click here for instructions.

The production rollover to our HA data center will start at approximately 10 PM ET on Sunday, September 21. We will continue to run on the HA server until we roll back at approximately 10 PM ET on Wednesday, September 24.

During both the rollover and rollback, there will be a 30-60 minute interruption to all systems, including CU*Talk audio response and It’s Me 247 online banking. (A splash page will be presented.)

Along with our annual disaster-recovery tests, these HA rollover tests are an important part of the CU*Answers Business Continuity Plan, which helps ensure continued connectivity to CU*BASE in the event of a disruption due to a disaster or other unforeseen event.

Learn More

CU*Answers Business Continuity Planning

CU*Answers Disaster Recovery Services

Register for Of Course!

ATTENTION CEOs OF ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Attention CEOs! If you haven’t already joined other credit union CEOs on the CU*Answers Of Course! site, now is the time to do so!

Over 120 CEOs have joined Of Course! and are using it to share policies and ideas, ask questions, and brainstorm new ways to run their business. Registration is restricted to credit union CEOs, so you get a safe, secure, and private place to discuss the challenges you face today. You can even earn points as part of the CU*Answers cooperative rewards program, CollabRebate!

Click here to register!

(Note: Like CU*BASE and other CU*Answers sites, Of Course! is accessible only from a workstation on the CU*BASE MPLS network.)

SettleMINT Can Help with Compromised Cards

ATTENTION CREDIT UNIONS WITH ONLINE CARD PROCESSING: A compromised card situation is something that no financial institution wants to encounter, but with recent massive data breaches among major retailers making headlines, it’s no secret that fraud is inevitable.

When a compromised card situation occurs, the SettleMINT team of professionals is ready to assist. We are your one-stop solution, whether you would like a report of potentially affected members, or if you would like SettleMINT to take care of the entire process – from issuing new cards to closing old ones, and working with your vendor to ensure a smooth database update.

Whether there are 50 or 5,000 affected accounts, we provide 3 different options that can save you time and reduce any risk exposure.

Click here to learn about the services that the SettleMINT EFT team can provide to assist in combating fraud. Click here to email the SettleMINT team and get started.

Remember This?

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Remember this? There are so many cool features in CU*BASE. We’d like to remind you of one!

Tap into the marketing gold mine that is your non-member database!

Don’t forget that you can use your non-member database for marketing purposes! Start marketing to those who already have a relationship with your credit union such as co-borrowers, joint owners, and beneficiaries and make them your new members!

Just use List Generator to specify the non-members to whom you’d like to direct your marketing efforts. Then use Member Connect to reach them!

Collections Roundtable 9/17

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Don’t miss the next Collections Roundtable on Wednesday, September 17!

Choose the session that best fits your schedule:

  • 9:30 AM – 12 PM ET
  • 1:30 – 4 PM ET

Click here to register!

(Registration deadline 9/15)

Take advantage of this FREE opportunity to network with your peers and discuss hot topics related to collections!


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